Friday, 27 July 2012

Real Art Training starts here

I never really got university.  I had a thoroughly miserable time and with the exception of meeting a few lovely people, it was mostly frustrating and, apart from some of the art I produced, pretty much a waste of time.

None of this information is new.  You've heard it a million times before from a whinging and angry me.

But . . .

I left two years ago and the horror of producing art as, at last receded.  Since being made unemployed (i say "made" . . .), I spent the first could of weeks recovering from the bullying bitch(es) in my office - mostly playing Skyrim, a week or so being very ill (and recuperating by paying skyrim) and then...something weird happened.

I started making art again.  Slowly at first with a couple of sculptural objects, then for the last week or so, I've ben in a total frenzy, pumping out paintings. Paintings?  Um.   This is a bit of a development.

I don't paint, you see. Well.   I didn't paint.

One of the biggest disappointments that university dumped on me was that, contrary to what I was told when I signed up, I received no actual skills tuition.  I got in on the strength of the photographic work I'd done, some sculptural objects and the force of my conceptual ideas.  Being in a place that would teach me to draw and paint was want I wanted more than anything.   However, the Uni decided that drawing, painting and sculpture were passé and we were encouraged to do conceptual work.   Not a stretch for me.

Anyway,  will never understand how I managed to leave university and still be completely unable to draw and paint.  But thats where I am.  I have a 2:1 in Fine Art and can't draw or paint.  Mental.

So.   Suddenly picking up paints, canvasses, etc was something of  surprise.

Now the stuff I'm doing isn't that great, I wouldn't expect it to be, but I'm in the bizarre position of never having painted before about 10 days ago and yet because I have this degree and i've trained as an artist, the stuff I"m doing is, without a doubt, art.

Of course.  It's not necessarily *good* art.  But It is ART!!!   because I AM AN ARTIST!!!

At last.

I feel like an artist for the first time ever.  Will Vigar, BA Fine Art (Hons).  Oh yeah.

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