Tuesday, 31 July 2012

prometheus revisited

I had a dream last night where my friend Craig insisted that I go to the cinema with him to see "Prometheus" with the Directors Commentary.   I insisted we got the good recliner, leather seats at the back (and Craig spilt his coke all over the place, but that's by the by).

The film starts and the commentary consists entirely of Ridley Scott apologising.

"Oh God, I can't believe I did that"
"That was supposed to be so much better"
"Oh god I'm so sorry"
"Yeah that didn't really work, we ran out of ideas"
"Oh that was so bad, I'm sorry".

Vindication comes in strange forms . . . :-)

Friday, 27 July 2012

Real Art Training starts here

I never really got university.  I had a thoroughly miserable time and with the exception of meeting a few lovely people, it was mostly frustrating and, apart from some of the art I produced, pretty much a waste of time.

None of this information is new.  You've heard it a million times before from a whinging and angry me.

But . . .

I left two years ago and the horror of producing art as, at last receded.  Since being made unemployed (i say "made" . . .), I spent the first could of weeks recovering from the bullying bitch(es) in my office - mostly playing Skyrim, a week or so being very ill (and recuperating by paying skyrim) and then...something weird happened.

I started making art again.  Slowly at first with a couple of sculptural objects, then for the last week or so, I've ben in a total frenzy, pumping out paintings. Paintings?  Um.   This is a bit of a development.

I don't paint, you see. Well.   I didn't paint.

One of the biggest disappointments that university dumped on me was that, contrary to what I was told when I signed up, I received no actual skills tuition.  I got in on the strength of the photographic work I'd done, some sculptural objects and the force of my conceptual ideas.  Being in a place that would teach me to draw and paint was want I wanted more than anything.   However, the Uni decided that drawing, painting and sculpture were passé and we were encouraged to do conceptual work.   Not a stretch for me.

Anyway,  will never understand how I managed to leave university and still be completely unable to draw and paint.  But thats where I am.  I have a 2:1 in Fine Art and can't draw or paint.  Mental.

So.   Suddenly picking up paints, canvasses, etc was something of  surprise.

Now the stuff I'm doing isn't that great, I wouldn't expect it to be, but I'm in the bizarre position of never having painted before about 10 days ago and yet because I have this degree and i've trained as an artist, the stuff I"m doing is, without a doubt, art.

Of course.  It's not necessarily *good* art.  But It is ART!!!   because I AM AN ARTIST!!!

At last.

I feel like an artist for the first time ever.  Will Vigar, BA Fine Art (Hons).  Oh yeah.