Monday, 25 June 2012

Random wibblings mostly about weight loss.

Still losing weight.   I"m down by 34lbs now.   Still a fatty, but...

Anyway, I go to Leeds a lot, which is a 5 hour journey by car from Southampton.

I don't drive, so I just sit there - my job as navigator taken from me by a Satnav; I feel like Sigourney Weaver in "Galaxy Quest", dammit!

Since losing so much weight, I've lost a lot of the padding I had on my bum. Five hours on a fleshy tuccus isn't that much of a chore but, even though my bum can't yet be called 'boney', my god, I've noticed a difference to the levels of comfort.

After a couple of hours, I was screaming for a break, just so I could stand up and take the pressure off my rapidly diminishing butt....

Weight loss isn't all fun you know! :-)


You sort of expect that weight loss will cause you to have to go shopping for new clothes, right?

Well, that's not really happening as I"ve not got much in the way of cash at the moment, so I look like I"m dressed in flags at the minute... not to worry.

The weird thing is that my shoe size has also changed. It never occurred to me that losing so much weight would change the size of my feet. I mean, feet are feet, right?

Wrong! I'm now a size 10 whereas I used to be 11.5. 

Fat feet. 



I've also recently discovered the joys of tofu. I used to eat it back when I was vegan (enforced, not by choice) but love my chinese food has taken over.  So a plate full of stir fried veggies (the barest splot of oil and steam with xiaoxing and light soy sauce) with a hand full of chopped tofu is wonderful.

Speaking of chinese food, has anyone sen the Gok Wan show about chinese food? Amazing! I got the book and it is such a healthy cuisine! Making lots from the book.

I had something of an experience at the weekend.
My partner and I love Hound Tor on Dartmoor. Apart from it being a truly beautiful piece of landscape, it has associations with both Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes. it also has a ruin of a mediaeval village at the base which holds particular memories for me. So really, it's a win win place to be.

The thing is, the last few times we've been up there, it's taken a good 40 minutes to get to the top. It's not far; it's not particularly steep. However, with all the weight I was carrying, I had to stop ever few minutes in order to catch my breath.

This time, we got from base to summit in 12 minutes. Non-stop. Okay, I was breathless when we hit the top, but it only took a minute or so to get my breath and carry on. We even climbed the really rocky bits to get to a hitherto unexplored because of exhaustion. Then we ran down the Tor to escape the rain. 

It wasn't till we'd got back to the car that we realised how much progress I had made.



Picture one: taken 11 years ago before the huge weight gain. I put about a stone on after this was taken.  Notice the leather jacket, straining a the stomach and notice that the zip has torn from the strain.

Picture 2: taken last weekend 

Same jacket, same tear, but...notice how it's wrapped round?

Oh yes.   It's going! 

I went to Sainsbury's at the weekend and got a basket.   I filled it with 68 x half pound packs of lard.  Thats what I was carry around all the time.   No wonder I was constantly in pain and knackered...




Saturday, 2 June 2012


Tragically, it seems to have more in common with Event Horizon than Alien.  It has a plot so thin 80's Doctor Who would have thought twice about putting it out and a script so clunky and with such lumpen dialogue, I wonder whether the writers have actually finished high school. They certainly rely way too much on Chekov's Gun.

I had avoided all press and trailers so went in very no preconceptions and expecting nothing.   Sadly, that's what I got.   In abundance.

However, pretty it looked, and there were some aesthetically beautiful moments, it was vacuous nonsense.  I mean, however stupid Alien:Resurrection was - and it really was - it was at least well paced and fun.   This plods and offers nothing that we haven't seen in countless other lower budget movies - the aforementioned Event Horizon, The Thing, etc., and rather than creating a shocking moment of body horror, as John Hurt managed in the original, it tried too hard to create unease by many moments of half-arsed body horror, instead.  It failed, with only one genuine moment of squirm that was casually tossed away a few minutes later.

Whereas there's an argument for Alien being a metaphor for male fear of penetration, pregnancy and birth, with Gigers design for the eggs and face huggers being disturbingly anatomical, transplanting that fear to a sterile female character simply seems crass.  And most of the aliens, rather than looking like walking vaginas, this time are extremely phallic and exhibit violent acts of penetration.  It's not subtle.

Having four writers was not a good thing when they all seem to be pulling in different directions.  The Von Daniken angle being the most gobsmackingly awful.  This, I think, is the crux.  The plot, such as it was (land a ship, run up and down some corridors, get killed) had no real focus, it simply didn't know what it wanted to do or say.  Nothing was explored to any kind of satisfactory conclusion and rather than be excited by the potential for an well signalled sequel, I just thought 'Who cares?"

Fassbender was probably the one redeeming feature, and how ironic that the one character that was meant to be cold, distant and aloof was also the most human.  Marshall-Green could have been great had he not been despatched so early and Idris Elba was savagely underused.  The problem is that everything was a plot device.  Every character or piece of machinery that was introduced had one plot device/use.  Ooh look, she lives in the life boat; golly it's an automated surgical unit; lawks a lummee, there's only one person who could do *that* sort of manoeuvre, I mean he's bloody told he can often enough..... GAH!

The addition of the 'finding god' plot was, again, lumpen and felt tacked on in order to give it some perceived gravitas and an attempt to TACKLE IMPORTANT ISSUES.  All it did was make you want to punch the female lead. And giving someone Daddy Issues doesn't make them interesting, especially when you have such a lacklustre cast who simply can't pull it off.

Somehow, this movie, despite looking rather lovely, manages to diminish the entire franchise and make a nonsense of the established chronology/mythology.  It makes you yearn for the original while it so thoughtfully pokes you in the ribs going "eh, eh..this bit's in Alien you know"   Yeah, but its *better* in Alien; all it achieves is to point out and accentuate it's own inadequacies.

And don't get me started on the sub-Star Trek soundtrack.

Disappointing and genuinely awful.