Thursday, 3 May 2012

Tunbridge Wells (3)

After a fortifying breakfast of fruit salad and Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks, Tunbridge Wells (the one with the super fit barista.  YUM!!!) we ser out on something of a walk.

Down Camden Road to the Recreation ground, half of which seems to have vanished and built on, paying particular attention the pond and ‘caves’, the site of the former Satellite Club and what used to be a vast tract of waste ground – now a very large housing estate and a small amount of woodland replete with huge quantities of wild garlic..  Following that, a walk along Clifton Road – site of the old homestead – to the playgrounds –extensively rebuilt and wooded – and then the walk to school.   Well.  Schools.  My junior School – High Brooms Boys School which has now merged with High Brooms Boys School, been extensively rebuilt and is now called ‘St Matthews School’.  The old boys school building is still there, just…built onto.   I would have given my eye tooth to have a look around.   As it was I felt a bit sleazy taking photos of the outside of a boys school.   God knows what the local residents thought… there’s a story about the assemblies tha I must remember to write down.

Next up was a walk up Yew Tree Road and along the Ridgewaye; site of the last school I was happy at:  The Ridgewaye School.

Sadly, it was knocked down some years ago, although the old Home Economics block is still there and being used by the council for some reason or another.  I walked past where the Woodwork and Metal Work workshop were; along the length of the main teaching block; a moments silence at the place where the stage had been; a fond remembrance of the kitchens where Phoebe the awesome dinner lady worked. 

We went past the place where the mystery gardener lived; past the sandpit with the dodgy story attached (see later) and on to Southborough Library, site of the majority of my education.

From there, we went down Chestnut Avenue, along South View Road past the Toc H and onto Dynevor Road.  Number 35 was my Nans house, it’s been converted into two flats, although given the bizarre layout of the house, I have no idea how that works.  I’ll write another entry about my nans house later.

From there, along Silverdale Road, onto Upper Grosvenor Road and back into town to Carluccio’s for lunch…

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