Tuesday, 28 June 2011


"I'd like to take Thursday off as I have had a bereavement and would like to attend the funeral"

"We'll get back to you.."

90 Mins Later...

"We can let you have Friday off"
"But the funeral is on Thursday"
"Well couldn't you go to another one?"


Sunday, 26 June 2011

Having a moment.

I almost missed my bus to work on Tuesday.

The reason being that my iPod threw me a googly and played a song I've not heard in 25 years and I burst into tears.
I knew I'd downloaded the album and put it on my iPod, but actually hearing the song again brought back so many things it became somewhat overwhelming.

It's not shock that despite the accent, I'm Northern. I love Yorkshire, believe passionately that it should be a separate country and when I'm not there, I flag and yearn to get back there. It's always been the case. When we left North Yorkshire when I was about 6, I was inconsolable. We moved to Bedford then Tunbridge Wells and I simply wasn't happy.

Now, when we were in Yorkshire, we rescued a dog named Shep. He was being savagely beaten and locked in a coal cellar. FOr weeks we heard this pitiful whining until eventually, we just broke the door down and stole the dog.

We moved, taking Shep with us, and he had this habit of sitting by the window of an evening and staring whistfully... Mum and me concocted this storing about him pining for Yorkshire. " I know how he feels", I said. Things didn't really go well for us as a family while we were in Kent and we all harked back to how happy we'd been in Yorkshire. The imperative was set. We were going home. Unfortunately, the job market and the housing market was pretty awful it took us a couple of years to sell the house and when we finally sold, Dad didn't have a job to go to in the north. He found something that was deeply unsatisfying, but we were gong back to Yorkshire. I was excited, Mum and Dad were excited, the dog was excited.

A few weeks before we were due to leave, Shep became ill. We were devastated when the vet told us that he was terminally ill and the best thing we could do would be to put him down. Shep nearly made it home. But not quite. We went back Shepless and the glorious homecoming was marred and subdued.

AS it turned out, we only lasted in yorkshire for a year or so. We ended up moving to Grimsby in Lincolnshire. So close to Yorkshire, but not Yorkshire.

Anyway. At the time we were were getting ready to move, this song was on heavy rotation.

Hearing it on Tuesday made me well up to such a degree, I couldn't see the bus approaching. Luckily, the driver recognised me and stopped anyway...