Wednesday, 22 September 2010

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Had the worst news on Saturday which is why I've not been posting

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Food Rant 1

I’m an unashamed foodie. As far as is possible I try to see through the anglicisation foods and get to the root of a country’s cuisine. Obviously, there are limitations, like I don’t have my own tandoor handy, so tandoori is only ever going to be an interpretation, but I will spend days trying to track down the right sumac for a regional Moroccan recipe. Pre-made spice mixes such as Schwarz madras curry powder WILL NOT DO! I’d rather make up my own masalas and use those. They don’t take long to make and reward you wit h a much richer flavour.

I avoid highly chilli’d Indian food as it’s not particularly authentic. Again that’s more of an anglicisation. The majority of asian cuisine survived quite nicely without the chilli, using black back to ad a fragrant heat rather than the tongue tearing chilli heat.
English curry’s, on the whole, are for people who don’t like curry; no, that’s not quite right. They are for people who don’t like food. How can you cliam to like something that strips away the flavour of everything you put in your mouth, replacing it with seething, tearing hate?

Asian food has so much to offer in terms of fragrance, flavour, etc., why fixate of the one thing that takes away these elements? Why turn food into macho bullshit? I used to know a guy who would go to restaurants and ask for a ‘Chicken Korma, Phal hot’.
Why? My experience of anything phal hot is that flavour no longer exists. Just pain.
That isn’t food. It’s a pointless endurance test.

Bastardising cuisines is a particular bug bear of mine. I don’t see the point and actually think it’s pretty insulting. A guaranteed annoyance is seeing things like “Chicken Goujons” or “Barbecue Kievs”. Why? Well a goujon is a cut of fish. You cannot have a goujon of chicken. It’s the wrong animal. A Kiev is a very specific recipe that involves no element of barbecue. Add barbecue flavour and it’s no longer a kiev. I saw a korma kiev the other day my partner had to physical remove me from the shop, such was my apoplexy.

And as for pizza? Jesus! The culinary dustbin! A proper pizza is a joy and mostly unrecognizable as what we would call a pizza being a peasant ‘leftover’ food mostly made of stale bread (think bruschetta and you’re along the right lines) what possess people to put what ever fashionable crap on them an have the nerve to call it pizza is beyond in. I’ve seen, Chicken tikka pizza, Chinese stir fry pizza, thai chicken pizza, teriyaki beef pizza and any number of combinations that has absolutely nothing to do with the Italian originals.

I’ve no problem with people eating whatever the hell they want to eat, but there’s a level of respect that should go with food that the Brits seem to have completely forgotten about. Chefs are artists. Those who create something enduring should be celebrated, those who change the recipe should have the decency to call it something else rather than ride on the coat-tails of the real creators. How did food become so dishonest?

Monday, 13 September 2010

Overheard Bus Conversation #28

“Yeah, I did some Greek History at the weekend; Julius Caesar and all that stuff”

Yes, I do Feel Better

A couple of months ago, I put as my facebook status “Will Vigar just scared some chavs”. I did it again today and it was the same thing that caused the behaviour that scared said chavs.

The invention of the iPod is a miraculous thing; me and personal stereos go back a long way; I used to own a Sony Stowaway for gods sake! Sometime’s I miss cassettes and sometimes I get annoyed with how listening to music on an ipod has fundamentally changed how I listen to music. I never sit down and actively listen to an album anymore, I just drop it into the great black hole that is ‘shuffle’ and sooner or later a track from a new album will turn up. I won’t recognise it and will fumble for the ‘next’ button. When a track I recognise does turn up, it’s like greeting an old friend in a room full of needy strangers…
Which is where the chav scaring comes in.

I once wrote a note to a friend telling him that “Yes” by McAlmont and Butler is possibly the finest song written in the last 25 years. I stand by that. The problem is, I get so lost in it, I forget I’m wearing my iPod and find myself dancing along the street, wailing at the top of my voice and quite often doing that sort of self-righteous pointing and sneering thing that seems to initially bemuse chavs and eventually, in the face of a sustained dance/point/sing, scares the living crap out of them.
They clearly think I’m mad. In some ways, I feel like Pee Wee herman in the biker bar doing “Tequila!” but the most important thing is that there are so few songs that make me lose myself in such a way. Yes, I love you.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Pink Industry - Enjoy the Pain

Possibly the finest band to come out of Liverpool in the 80's. Three strange and gorgeous albums and they were gone.


This is from the first album, Low Technology.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Watership Down revisited

Online Whinge Alert

Right. I’m seriously pissed off.

I’ve been back in Southampton for about 2 months now. Most of the time I’ve been back, I’ve been ill. I’ve hardly seen my friends, I can’t get so much as a job interview for love nor money and I am bored out of my fucking skull.

I’m viewing my time at University as a colossal waste of time and money and am absolutely incredulous that I’m having to take more exams in stupid office skills that I already possess. Pretty fed up of hoop jumping, finding goalposts changed and mixing metaphors.

Gimme a job damn you!